Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Venezuela's inflation up to 40000 percent

Venezuela's inflation rate recorded 40,000 percent, according to a survey.

The Independent: Venezuela's inflation rate tops 40,000 per cent for first time ever

Venezuela is a nation located in Latin America. Socio-economists lead recent administrations. Since 1999, President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías had become hostile to the US. Though Venezuela has made a great deal with the US every year, recently the US blames Venezuela on violating the human right, making economic sanction against Venezuela.

The current administration never makes a practical solution to the financial crisis. As a result, hyperinflation has become common in recent years. Immigrants from Venezuela to the US is rapidly increasing.

On the other hand, Japan was suffering from longitudinal deflation. Therefore, Japan government is planning to cause mild inflation with enhanced economic circulation. Some economists warn this policy will lead to hyperinflation. We Japanese citizens should be aware of the risk.

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