Monday, July 16, 2018

Do not fear loneliness

Loneliness is a difficult emotion. In my early life, I seldom felt alone despite having few friends. Now, I feel alone whenever my wife is out.

The modern era is the age of loneliness. It is said that people feeling lonely is rapidly increasing in these decades. It is perhaps because of the decreased number of the family members and increased liquidity of the community.

Nowadays, the internet and social media are so familiar for many people that we feel always connected with others. But they never substitute the stable relationship with your friends and families. Instead, a study suggests that Facebook users feel lonely more frequently.

It is also said that loneliness is contagious. People feeling lonely are unlikely to get new relationships. And also they can hardly trust others. It makes them more isolated from neighbors.

The Conversation: Loneliness is contagious – and here’s how to beat it

To overcome the loneliness, being openminded to others, as well as to consider neutral to unwelcomed events, is essential, according to the article above. I agree with this opinion.

But, some people may feel challenging to give unconditional trust to others. In such a case, you can abandon the goal.

Loneliness is a sense of feeling, in reality. You can never be alone. You wear clothes which were made by someone. You eat some processed food. In the modern society, nobody can survive without other people's aid, regardless of the social status.

Thus, you are not alone. Rather, you merely feel alone. It means that you seek someone to listen to me. It is a natural emotion for a human.

When you recognize this fact, be sincere to your desire. You can tell about your self to anyone. Of course, almost all people are indifferent to your life. That is OK. Even if you feel disconnected from anyone, your words reach someone. Never expect a response. It is important for you to have some words you would like to talk.

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