Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blockchain will solve property issues

After the rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has attracted significant public attention. Though it is frequently argued about the value of Bitcoin itself, there may be no objection about the innovativeness of blockchain technology. Therefore, many people are considering alternative use of blockchain other than cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a series of record which is hardly deliberately modified afterward. Thus, official records which should be kept as the original form for a long time are suitable for products with blockchain.

In reality, an attempt to record the land properties with blockchain is ongoing. If realized, the risk of conflict due to incomplete or destroyed official records will be remarkably reduced. The intellectual property will also be applicable to a similar scheme.

The Conversation: Blockchain-based property registries may help lift poor people out of poverty

We expect newly developed technology to make a change of the world dramatically. But, minor improvement of our daily life thanks to innovation is also crucial for the better future.

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