Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cryptocurrency addition?

There are several types of pathological dependence. In the ICD-11 planned to be launched in the next year, Gaming disorder will be included in psychiatric diseases.

Recently, Professor Mark Griffiths at Nottingham Trent University, published a list of the symptoms of Cryptocurrency Addition. Addiction to cryptocurrencies is identified as a sub-type of online day-trading addiction.

Castle Craig Hospital: Addiction to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency day-trading

In his opinion, patients of cryptocurrency addition will meet these criteria.

Spend all their time and money on online trading;
Experience financial problems;
Chase their losses (they spend more to recoup their losses)
Constantly borrow from family and friends, or steal to fund their habit;
Believe a big win is about to happen;
Pawn their belongings to raise funds;
Lie to friends and family about the extent of their losses;
Experience mood swings, depression and hopelessness;
Constantly think about the next investment;
Become restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop;
Deny the problem;
Try many times to control, cut back or stop.

Looking through the description above, this criteria seems not have been authorized by a properly structured study. But in my sense, it is certain that some of the traders of cryptocurrency are suffering from addiction.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency addition is different from gambling disorder, in my opinion. Patients of gambling disorder are ruled by a fantastic idea that they become rich by winning the games. This idea is objectively absurd because almost all gamblings are disadvantageous for any players. However, cryptocurrency is still a developing scheme, and nobody can precisely estimate the magnitude of the market. Some of the traders who get the fortune will be called as innovators, not gambling patients.

On the contrary, I guess the neurochemical reaction occurring in the brain of people engaging in a cryptocurrency trading is quite similar to that of people indulged in an online game. And some of them need medical treatment.

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