Monday, July 9, 2018

Rainfall and flood disaster in Western Japan

Western Japan was struck by heavy rainfall.

Up to 600mm of rain fell in some regions in Hiroshima prefecture. It was three times of usual magnitude of rain in the whole of July.

This disaster caused floods and landslides in several areas, leading to more than 100 deaths and dozens of missing people.

BBC: Japan floods: 'Extreme danger' amid record rainfall

In Japan, we often experience heavy rain, especially in Summer. But, this disaster was far more serious than our estimation. Compared to the earthquake and typhoon, rainfall is difficult to evaluate the need for evacuation, generally speaking. In some situations, reckless evacuation brings us danger. On the other hand, several houses are isolated from the public help because of the flood, and people staying there have to survive for some days or more without external aids.

I live in Chiba. The height at my home is not so low that I have to be afraid of the tsunami. But, the flood may occur occasionally. I have to be prepared for the disaster.

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