Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pavlov's alarm clock

Pavlov is a famous physiologist. He detected that animals are accustomed to specific stimuli and acquire conditioned reflex. "Pavlov's dog" is a well-known term as a metaphor for a reaction of instinct.

Recently, an alarm clock named Pavlov was released. Pavlok Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer – Wearable Smart Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again

This clock is shaped like a wristband. And it releases an electric shock when the time has come. Nobody will be able to keep sleeping against the shock.

This wristband can be used to diminish your improper habits. When you notice you are shaking your legs, biting your nail, or gambling, you can activate the electric shock.

This usage looks ridiculous. But in practice, this method is reasonable. Behavioral therapists are engaged in constructing the scheme of behavior modification. An electrical shock will be a good punisher for eliminating bad habits. I expect some therapists will purchase this gadget for medical use.

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