Friday, July 6, 2018

Aum Shirikyo leader was executed

Chizuo Matsumoto, or Shoko Asahara as the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, was finally executed, according to the media.

Asahi Shimbun: Aum Shinrikyo: Japan executes cult leader Shoko Asahara

Matsumoto administered Aum Shinrikyo, which was deemed as a cult with fundamentalism of Buddhist's ideology. He was charged for several crimes and sentenced to capital punishment.

The most impressive case caused by Aum Shinrikyo was the underground sarin attack case occurred in 1995. Thirteen people were killed and thousands were injured by sarin gas brought by the pupil of the cult. This case is counted as the most terrible terror attack in Japan. After this case, commuters became anxious to suspectable objects placed in the platform. And the railway companies got rid of trash boxes from the platform for a while.

Also, Aum annihilated a lawyer and his families because he planned to sue Aum, by the order of Matsumoto.

Thus, it is no doubt Matsumoto was the worst criminal in Japan after the WWII. Although I am against capital punishment, the sentence of the death penalty to him might be unavoidable.

However, it is doubtful if Matsumoto on court maintained the competency to stand trial.

According to the media, Matsumoto had no mental disorders in jail. But some psychiatrists committed that he was in severe psychiatric confusion. In the trial, Matsumoto seldom spoke anything.

In Japan legislation, when the defendant was proved to be lack of competency to stand trial, the trial should be canceled. But, how to treat the defendant is not definitely determined. Therefore, perhaps, it is extremely rare the defendant is identified to lack the competency.

Also, there is another issue. The execution of Matsumoto will ignite the hatred and warship of pupils of him. Aum Shinrikyo had been resolved. But there are some cults which claim to succeed the ideology of Matsumoto. Matsumoto may be juxtaposed to Jesus Christ for the pupils.

Aum Shinrikyo case was a serious trauma for Japan. And the damage has not been cured.

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