Sunday, July 22, 2018

Asahara's daughter wants scattering ashes

Just recently, Chizuo Matsumoto, or Shoko Asahara as the leader of a cult, Aum Shinrikyo, was executed for the massacre and several terror crimes as I wrote.

My past entry: Aum Shirikyo leader was executed

And not surprisingly, how to treat Asahara's remain is argued now.

There are still several pupils who believe Asahara is the incarnation of the God. They will promote Aum, or similar cults, using the episode of the execution. Then, the grave of Asahara will become the sanctuary, I am afraid.

For reducing the risk of rising of the successor of Aum, Asahara's fourth daughter asked the government to scatter the ashes of Asahara's remain to the Pacific Ocean. If realized, nobody will be able to get the remain. And there will be no risk of emerging of a particular sanctuary.

Asia One: Daughter of executed Japan cult leader to scatter his ashes at sea

Asahara's fourth daughter had been trusted by Asahara although she did not accept Asahara's destructive ideology, according to the media. I am not sure what happened in his family in these years.

She wants the aid of national power to execute the scatter. Indeed, there are no funeral companies to accept her offer because pupils will revenge the company for dropping Asahara's remain. Asahara's daughter's request seems rational. On the other hand, it seems difficult for the government to execute a particular person's funeral. The negotiation will be prolonged.

I am doubtful the government has not decided the aftercare of the execution. The current situation was expected by many people. Aum Shinrikyo crime cases were the most dread terror crimes in Japan ever before. I truly hope similar tragedies will never occur.

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