Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Amazon and Walmart

There are many retailers of products all over the world. Among them, most people will suggest Amazon or Walmart as the top of them. Amazon is the first company which utilized the online internet shopping. On the other hand, Walmart is a leading company providing the real fields of merchandise.

In recent years, Amazon and Walmart are seriously competing, according to the article below. It is not surprising at all. Every company has the mission: gaining the top of share. As customers can choose Amazon or Walmart for purchasing goods, they are always conflicting with each other.

Forbes: Amazon And Walmart: Digital Native Vs. Physical Presence

In Japan, Walmart is not so famous compared to Amazon's good reputation. Walmart bought Seiyu, a famous supermarket brand in Japan, in 2002. Walmart made a great restructured upon Seiyu management for growing the profit. But it seems Walmart's policy was not successful. Just recently, it is guessed that Walmart intends to sell Seiyu's stock, according to the media. In addition, Walmart is struggling to find the buyer despite the popularity of Seiyu. Thus, Walmart is likely to abandon Japan as a target.

Walmart and similar companies have grown with some great advantages such as many shops located in a significant place and continuous trust of citizens around the shop. However, these advantages are not perpetual. Amazon has taken destructive innovation. I hardly believe Walmart will defeat Amazon. And Amazon will be defeated by a new company come from out of our imagination.

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