Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Novichok cases in England

In England, two innocent citizens were victimized by the international conflict, perhaps.

It occurred in Amesbury, where is located near to Salisbury which was the place a former Russian agent was near to assassinated.

And the victims showed the evidence to have been exposed to Novichok, a lethal chemical compound which was suspected to be used before.

Reuters: Two Britons poisoned with Novichok nerve agent near where Russian spy was struck down

Horribly, Novichok is relatively stable substance in cold and dry condition, according to an expert. It is absorbed onto soft surfaces. The victims seemed to have accidentally touched a contaminated object.

Independent: Novichok inventor on Amesbury poisoning: ‘I completely understand panic of those living in Salisbury’

One of the victims was killed, and the other is still in a life-threatening condition.

The UK condemns Russia for having victimized citizens crucially. However, the Russian government completely denies the concern. This incident is no more a fatal accident but a seed of an international conflict.

I am not an expert on this issue. In my impression, Russia is involved in this tragedy. Otherwise, it is impossible that the victims exposed Novichok by chance. Of course, Russia did not intend to kill citizens. But, Russia should be responsible for this case, I believe.

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