Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dog eating day in 2018

The annual Yulin dog meat celebration was performed this year.

In some Eastern nations, dogs have been bred for meat. But, this habit is criticized by mainly Western people. Recently, South Korea officially illegalized the slaughtering dogs for meat.

Vanguard: China dog meat fest opens as S. Korea goes the other way

As I wrote in the past, I will never eat dogs. But, to be honest, I believe slaughtering dogs for meat is not a cruel act. Muslims are prohibited to eat porks because they pigs are spiritually dirty. Hindu never eat beef because cows are sacred according to their doctrine. Every religion and culture have their own ideology, any of which should be respected. There are clusters of people who like to eat dogs.

My past entry: Discussion about eating dog meat in China

Some people might think that dogs should not be eaten because they are prettier, or cleverer than cows and pigs. But, I think this idea is improper. Any species have their own lives and spirits. We, humans, deliberately distinguish the value of their lives for convenient reasons. We breed cows for the deliciousness of beef. We plant corns because they are easy to be harvested. We should be aware of the arrogance of ours on the selection of life.

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