Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Try another way to counter satiation

There are many things we are accustomed to. As getting familiar, we forget the first impression. In other words, we tend to be satiated.

It means many entertainments lose their brightness. You may have an experience that you noticed not to be so excited compared to the previous occasion when seeing a movie.

Then, try another way to enjoy it, such as eating popcorns with a pair of chopsticks. For your reference, I have never seen a Japanese who used chopsticks for eating popcorns.

The Conversation: Why you should eat popcorn with chopsticks – and other psychological tricks to make life more enjoyable

This concept is applicable to many situations. For example, imagine that you check a document. There may be some typographical errors on the paper. But you hardly notice them. In this situation, I recommend you to read the document from the last paragraph to the first one.

Also, you can go to a store you seldom visit for its distance from your home. It will be a small trip for you. But you may feel refreshed. And if you are lucky, you can get some valuable items there.

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