Saturday, January 20, 2018

You should choose sushi restaurant because salmon have tapeworms

In California, a man came to a general physician to complain an abnormal phenomenon with showing its astonishing cause. He was suffering from bloody diarrhea.

And he said to have found a 5-feet tall tapeworm emerged from his anus.

International Business Times: Sushi lover finds 5ft tapeworm dangling from his rectum and yanks it out himself

The doctor brought him to an emergency room immediately. He was treated with medication to eliminate parasites in his intestine. Fortunately, he seems to have got recovered.

Tapeworm is a kind of parasites which is sometimes detected with a regular examination, or accidentally, even in citizens living in an urban area. Typically, tapeworms cause no harm to the human body. But in rare cases, they can be fatal.

The man introduced in this article above was fond of eating sushi. He ate raw salmon every day.

Actually, salmons have parasites frequently. We Japanese like salmon sashimi. Ordinary Japanese sushi restaurants in Japan serve only properly examined or processed fish. Fishmongers suggest some raw pieces which should be heated before eating.

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