Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, an incredible but poor-tasted sequel

I watched "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" in an airplane. This movie is just now seeable on cinema in Japan. So, I was interested in it whereas I had not seen the previous story, "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

The hero of this film, Eggsy, is a member of Kingsman, an independent secret agency. He is stubbed by Charlie, an ex-colleague of him and a betrayer. He counters Charlie's attack, but Charlie's mechanical hand hacks the computer of Kingsman. Then, Kingsman's all branches are suddenly attacked by an international organization dealing with illegal drugs.

Kingsman is destroyed and most of the members are killed. Eggsy and his teacher, Merlin, move to the US, to visit an office of Stateman, a different spy agency, to collaborate with their members to fight "Poppy," the deadly organization.

Thus, the prestructured settings are abandoned at the beginning of this film. Even Roxy, a heroine of the previous film is eliminated. This destructive way enables watchers to have a fresh entertainment. And people who do not know preceding stories can enjoy this film.

On the other hand, Harry Hart, a talented member of Kingsman deceased in the previous mission, revives in the middle of the story. I hardly understood this plot because of no information of the past events. Hart remains disabilities in his body due to life-threatening injury. And his behavior brings confusion to the Kingsman team. This plot is well-calculated and amazing.

The villain of this film is "Poppy," a genius lady with ambition and mercilessness who established a large drug organization. She contaminates a lethal virus into drugs created in her plants. A massive amount of people, including members of Stateman and talented officers are going to die. She requests legalization of all drugs and lifetime permission of her acts to the US government for providing the antidote. The US president decides to abandon the patients because he deems drug users' life as useless. This deal is symbolistic. I feel this story satirizes strict policies active in some countries such as the US and Philippine.

There are some violent, and even poor tasted scenes in this film. I dislike them. Although the atmosphere of this movie is totally comical, I do not recommend children to see this film.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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