Sunday, January 7, 2018

Visiting Hawaii island (1)

I visited Hawaii island for the first time.

Hawaii island is the biggest island in the state of Hawaii. It is also called as "Big Island." But it is less popular than Oahu island. Japan Airline developed a direct flight just recently.

The appearance of Hawai island is similar to Oahu's. But there are some differences between them.

Although Hawaii island is bigger than any other islands there, its population is less than 200 thousand. It is as many as that in a single big city in Japan. Thus, the density of population is quite small. Once you leave an area of a city, there is no building as far as you can see.

The main industry of Hawaii island is sightseeing business. But in Hawaii island, farming is also established. And I was told Parker family, the descendants of Samuel Parker, owned 50 thousand of cows.

Therefore, I planned to join some tours to enjoy the natural landscapes of Hawaii island.

(To be continued.)

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