Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Coffee cup banning in the UK is no good

The British politicians are considering the entire banning of disposable coffee cups.

International Business Times: Latte levy: Coffee cups could be banned by 2023

According to the article below, approximately 50o,000 coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK, and most of them cannot be recycled. The situation is similar in other countries, I guess.

The government is willing to ban the paper cup entirely by 2023 unless recycling process is dramatically improved.

The issue of waste is serious. Improving the process of recycling and reducing litters themselves are essential for maintaining the sustainability of our society.

However, I am doubtful of the effectiveness of the campaign of banning coffee cups.

First of all, the effect of recycling paper cups is very limited. The cost of making cups may be extremely low. Also, recycling requires additional cost such as salvaging the cups from garbage and delivering the materials to the factory. If customers use own cups instead of a paper cup, providers should be concerned about the issue of hygiene.

After all, there is no absolute justice, and the environmental issue is not an exception. The government should focus on more crucial matters instead of reducing a couple of paper cups.

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