Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fusion power plant will be realized in 20 years?

Atomic power is one of the desirable energy sources in the world. However, the potential risk of pollution in the accidental cases refrains it from the spread in developed countries. Since Fukushima Daiichi power plant case, Japan is hesitating to build new atomic power plants.On the other hand, some developing countries are willing to develop new power plants because of lack of alternative energy sources.

If an innovation enables to create energy without producing nuclear waste, atomic power plants will promise a better life in the future society. One of the candidates of the post-atomic power plant is fusion power plant.

Fusion power can provide massive energy extracted from the proton. Proton is easily collectible from the air. Also, fusion process does not provide radioactive wastes. Furthermore, different from nuclear fission, fusion reaction cannot be chained. Thus, accidental burst hardly occurs in the fusion process.

However, developing a fusion plant is very expensive. There are many challenges which should technically be resolved.

Some scientists belonging to ITER, a group of fusion energy experiments, predict that fusion plants will start to come as early as 2040. It is rather a feasible prospection, I believe.

Independent: Fusion power plants could provide energy for homes in just 20 years

If the issue of energy source is solved, the world will completely change. I am afraid that oil-producing nations would not wish so. Nonetheless, technological innovation has a power of world reconstruction.

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