Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Star Wars: The last Jedi, betraying in a good sense

Star Wars is a world-famous series of SciFi movie. I saw the Episode 8: The Last Jedi on cinema at the end of the previous year.

To be honest, I do not like the new series so much. So, I did not expect the quality of this one, either.

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However, this work betrayed my prospect in a good sense. It included several surprises.

For people who have not seen this film, I hesitate to tell the whole story. In the beginning, members of resistance led by Princess Leia was chased by First Order. They have to escape from the dreadful tracking. Fin and Poe Dameron consider disabling the tracker equipped in the star destroyer of First Order.

At the same time, Rey visits Luke Skywalker to get Jedi Master's support. But, Luke does not accept her offer to join the resistance. He looks to feel responsible for fallen Kylo Ren into the dark side.

This plot is very similar to the Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back. I felt it a little boring, to be honest at that time.

However, the story changed rapidly with revealing several surprising facts. The relationship between Kylo and Luke was more complicated than I expected. The tactics of Fin resulted in an odd outcome. And Poe Dameron does a reckless act.

Finally, there are more astonishing events. Rey meets the Supreme Leader Snoke with Kylo Ren. This scene resembles the last battle of Luke and Darth Vador. But, the result was far different.

Totally, I was very excited during seeing the film. I never prospected the outcome of the story.

Unfortunately, my expectation regarding Captain Phasma did not realize.

Why Captain Phasma obeyed Fin’s order to unlock the shield?

The expression of this film made me feel as if the galaxy is very narrow. It is disappointing. Supreme Leader Snoke and his righthand Kylo Ren dared to ride on a star destroyer to kill Princess Leia. It is not an act of the national leader. There must be millions of battleships in the galaxy. But Poe Dameron was delighted when he sank only one Dreadnaut battleship. This figure is far from a space opera.

Lightsaber battle was also stupid. Personally, it is regrettable though this story need not the scenes of melee fighting.

Nonetheless, Episode 8 is much more fun than the previous one.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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