Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pirate films

Pirate services, now spread in many regions, are violating the copyright. They make the value of newly developed contents decreased. As users of pirate service increase, creators are suffering from various disadvantages. They are not limited to reduced reward but include the risk of fabrication and the possibility of misunderstanding of the users who have not seen the original.

Therefore, pirate services should be eliminated. Pirate is not "crime without victims."

In recent years, as digital copy becomes easier, pirate services rapidly rocketed. Newest films are not exceptions to the subjects. The digital data of "Thor: Ragnarok," a Marvel movie I have fun, was leaked accidentally, just recently.

International Business Times: Thor: Ragnarok leak: Unreleased Marvel film 'furiously' spreading on piracy websites

Interestingly, pirate sites are shrinking at least in the cinema movies. It may be due to the spread of video streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. People consider downloading an illegal movie file is bothersome while several video streaming services are available at low cost.

In this sense, censoring and punishment for eliminating illegal services are inferior to creating a new competitive service.

In Japan, manga download services are focused recently. Many of such materials offered to users are illegally uploaded, unfortunately. But, Japanese publishers are hesitating to establish manga download or streaming services.

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