Thursday, January 18, 2018

Same-sex marriage is going to be accepted in the EU

European Court of Justice stated that all couples of the same sex should be accepted in every EU nation.

Independent: Definition of marriage has now ‘evolved’ to include same-sex couples, EU court says

In general, European countries are tolerated against same-sex couples. But whether the same-sex marriage is legalized differs from each other. The statement of the European Court mentions the necessity of freedom of forming a couple in EU countries according to the free movement basis.

The court decision seems cool and feasible. It is an advantage for the EU that each member should obey the human right standard strictly protected by the European court.

On the other hand, the scheme of marriage itself is going to die, I think. In the UK, divorce is very stressful because there are many conditions. This legislation was established by conservative politicians who are not willing to accept the liberty of divorce. However, this ruling led to a decreased rate of marriage instead of hesitated divorce.

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