Monday, January 29, 2018

AI can humiliate you

Whether the community with sophisticated AI is a utopia or dystopia is often discussed. Some people expect AI to replace any tasks they can hardly address, while others feel fearful about the future in which AI programs will rob their job completely.

Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, suggested the third possibility in a business conference recently.

International Business Times: 'Einstein' AI won't take your job, but it will humiliate you in front of your boss

He denied the future in which AI takes over your jobs. Instead, he warned that you would be humiliated by AI on the job. He told an anecdote that an AI listener disagrees with his statement with entirely logical counter argument immediately after his presentation.

We feel shameful when being criticized, even if we are actually wrong. Admitting this fact, most bosses hesitate to deny an idea of an employee directly in front of many listeners. But AI will show no mercy to us in executing a silly idea we presented.

Then, what will happen? Our patience and open-mindedness will be tried in the AI era. Accepting any criticism as far as they are appropriate is necessary to improve the future not only in the business but also in ourselves. Confronting the AI, we should be good people as a human. And it is the humanity not replaced by AI.

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