Friday, January 26, 2018

Bitcoin is C+ while Ehterium B, according to Weiss

Weiss Ratings, an independent rating organization in the US, released the grades of dominant cryptocurrencies.

Weiss Ratings adopts five-leveled grade system from A to E, different from ordinary agencies using AAA to C. According to Weiss, Bitcoin was ranked as C+. It means Bitcoin deserves to be a subject of investment.

Surprisingly, Etherum (B) and Steem (B-) was graded superior to Bitcoin. Novacoin and SluS were graded as D.

It says that any cryptocurrencies are not safe and there is always a possibility of disgrace. Volatility seems to be the highest issue, as well as risk for cracking.

Bitcoin Magazine: Op-Ed: The Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Are Laughably Bad

It is interesting that Bitcoin as the basic cryptocurrency was inferior to Etherium. Etherium was developed to resolve some technical problem around Bitcoin. Weiss Ratings admitted the speed of updating and swiftness of transaction of Etherium.

It is amazing that cryptocurrencies were subjected to grading. It means that financial industry has officially identified cryptocurrency as a subject of investment. Some of them will perish, and others will survive the next age.

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