Saturday, January 13, 2018

Huawei beats Apple?

In recent years, Huawei attracts public attention as a mobile phone maker. Huawei is a Chinese company which has won the top share domestically in this industry. Its products are popular not only in China but also Japan. Many users admire Huawei's tablets for its cost-performance.

In the US, on the contrary, Apple and Samsung are monopolizing the market of smartphone even now. Huawei has to consider a strategy to match them, according to the article below.

Bloomberg: How to Break Apple and Samsung's Smartphone Grip

Only a decade ago, tablets produced by a Chinese company were subjects of mocking for its low quality and appearance mimicking iPad. Nowadays, they are alternatives to current flagship hardware.

I believe Huawei will be a strong competitor of Apple soon. However, it is not easy for it to defeat Apple. It has been adopting the "follower strategy." Producing new values, not copying an original one, is needed to be the summit of an industry.

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