Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dogs are wiser than cats, theoretically

Which are wiser, dogs or cats? This is an argument igniting issue among pet lovers.

There is an international research team to answer this challenging question. According to their newest report, dogs are superior.

While cats have only 250 million cortical neurons, dogs have 350 million. They concluded that dogs could do more complex and flexible behaviors compared to cats.

In general, meat-eating animals have more brain cells than glass-eating animals because hunting requires intelligent behaviors.

Independent: Dogs are much smarter than cats, international team of researchers conclude

The number of cortical neurons is deemed to be closely connected to the potential ability of rational thought. Chimpanzees have 800 million, and humans have 1.4 billion neurons in the brain.

However, the number of neurons is not associated with the level of intelligence directly, I believe.

Intelligence is determined according to each context they live. There are many measurements of intelligence, and how much do we feel the subject is wise is influenced by many factors.

Dogs may be better at hunting than cats. But, some cats are better at getting along with humans. The difference between the two species cannot easily be determined by the number of neurons, while dogs have more capacity indeed than cats.

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