Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why you must not let your sweetheart take your nude photo

If you are a teenager, you may have a temptation of taking your nude photo by your lover. Or, he may ask you to do so. What do you think about it?

Youth is an age of recklessness. More or less everyone has memories of committing inappropriate behaviors. It is not your fault, but human nature, as many studies suggest most of the delinquent adolescents will never relapse misconducts in their middle age.

However, it is possible to single particular act causes you a serious trouble which would be hardly recovered. Especially in the era of the internet, your fault may be recorded, preserved for a long time, and spread to many other people. You should be aware of the risk.

One of the potentially risky behaviors is to let anyone take a photo of your stripped figure. Some youths are fond of taking nude photos of their lover. I never recommend such an act.

There are three risk scenarios which will strike you in the future regarding your nude photos.

1. Revenge porn

Recently, the reports of this kind of crimes are rapidly increasing. Just last week, a suicide case of the victim of revenge porn was reported.

ANSA General News: Revenge porn victim commits suicide

You may trust your partner with full respect. However, the emotion of love is quite fragile. Trusting someone does not mean letting him do anything on you. If you are stuck to preserve your nude photo, I recommend you to consult a professional photographer.

2. Being hacked

Even if you can completely believe your partner, there is another risk of your nude spread. The storage in which your photos are stored can be stolen, physically or electrically, by a cracker. Many celebrities reported victimization that their PC was hacked and their nude photos were stolen. You might not be a target of infamous crackers. But, an accident occurs at any time.

3. Account banned

Nowadays, few people use cloud storage service. Instant uploading of photos is almost unconsciously performed. And cloud storages cannot be entirely safe.

Also, you should be aware that some service providers have very strict regulation regarding pornography. Facebook prohibits most erotic photos. If your photo is deemed as porn, your account will be banned immediately, and never restored. I have reported a case of banned Google account because the person uploaded his child’s nude unintentionally.

My past entry: Banning of Google account due to instant upload

Account banning will do severe damage to you. You will have no time to move your emails, diaries, to-do lists, and photos. To prevent such an unfortunate incident, never take your nude photo.

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