Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Obama canceled the meeting with Philippine after being provoked

Obama canceled a meeting with Rodrigo Duterte, the president of Philippines, in spite of being planned in Laos.

The Guardian: Barack Obama cancels meeting after Philippines president calls him 'son of a whore'

It is said one of the reasons was a provocative speech of Duterte in recent.

Duterte administration is eager to eliminate organization dealing with illegal drugs. And it has taken a harsh attitude against the suspects. Many people concerned about the delivery have been killed without legal procedure. The UN was worrying about it, criticizing the way of Duterte as violating human rights.

And Obama was willing to condemn it in the meeting. Responding to his intention, Duterte warned Obama not to interfere the policy of Philippines, and called Obama as "son of bitch."

These words were quite provocative and impolite. Obama called Duterte as "an interesting man," and ordered to reconsider the plan of the meeting to the officials. As a result, Obama avoided meeting Duterte. Instead, he will meet Park Geun-hye, the president of South Korea.

International Business Times: President Duterte calls Barack Obama a 'son of a b****' for opposing drug killings

The Philippines and the US keep an alliance to maintain the peace of both nations and the surroundings. In a recent situation, China is aiming at the sea areas around the Philippines. Therefore, Philippines has to rely on the military power of the US. Considering the fact, it is no good for Duerte to make Obama angry.

On the other hand, the spread of illegal drugs in the Philippines is serious, and Duerte administration has the policy to eradicate concerned people to recover the safeness of the citizens. It is not easy for Philippines to obey the request of the UN not to take a merciless solutions on the issue of drug dealers.

Nonetheless, his provocative attitude will bring no benefit on Philippines, I think. Duerte has been the president only a few months. There seems no need to raise up domestic worship using such a strong stance.

In a negotiation, we can take several ways to gain the maximum fruits. Provocative attitude and making the opponent lose his temper are one of the options. However, they have also several risks, and the success rate is not so expectable. It is preferable you say simply "interesting" when you are upset on the table.

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