Friday, September 2, 2016

Concern about Zika virus linked to Rio Olympic

Rio Olympic was closed successfully. Japanese athletes won many medals in this gigantic competition. I respect all the participants and contributors for their effort to accomplish Rio Olympic without serious troubles.

On the other hand, there is a concern about an issue which was worried before the Olympic: Zika virus infection.

My past entry: Fear of Zika spreading

Zika virus infection causes you little troubles if you are a healthy adult. Only one-fifth of patients recognize some symptoms. It makes us difficult to be aware of being infected. On the other hand, the fetus is quite vulnerable to Zika virus infection of the mother. All you need to know about the Zika virus and the threat it poses

Zika virus can bring microcephaly to the fetus if pregnant women get infected. There have been several cases already reported. Its impact was so serious that the governments in epidemic regions suggested to female citizens avoiding pregnancy for a while. In addition to microcephaly, it was proven recently that infected babies have a risk of deafness.

USA Today: Zika infection now linked to hearing loss in babies, study finds

Last year, many cases were reported in Brazil. The WHO told pregnant women not to travel to Brazil. Thanks to the national effort to eliminate mosquitos carrying Zika virus and improve hygiene level, Zika virus epidemic was reported to be terminated before the start of Olympic games. It relieved athletes and tourists planning to visit Rio.
Nonetheless, some people recommended canceling or postponing the implementation of Rio Olympic. They were concerned about the possibility of the global spread of Zika virus by visitors to Rio Olympic.

The Washington Post: Brazil says there is ‘almost zero’ risk of Zika during Olympics. Really?

Now, there is no evidence of Zika spreading due to Rio Olympic.

Fortune: No Confirmed Zika Vases Have Been Linked to the Olympics

Instead, it is likely that Zika virus had been spread to some countries in South America before the Olympic. In Malaysia, the first case of Zika virus infection was reported recently. Thus, you should be aware of the risk even if you have no plan to visit Brazil. Since the development of a vaccine to Zika virus will take years, this worry will last for a while in every summer, I guess.

Press TV: Malaysia reports first Zika virus infection

The Star Online: Health Ministry steps up Zika checks after first infection

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