Wednesday, September 14, 2016

David Cameron leaves the parliament

David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the UK, announced to resign as a member of parliament. He dropped out from the chair of the prime minister following the historic vote for Brexit. Now, he is going to leave the political field in the UK. David Cameron resigns as an MP

He seems to believe it is no good for the government that an ex-Prime Minister is still in the parliament. This idea is shared by some politicians in Japan. For example, Yukio Hatoyama expressed an intention to retire as a politician after he resigned the Prime Minister. In real, however, he kept the position of a member of parliament and conducted some activities following to his ideology. I dislike Hatoyama’s behavior but understand that he might feel there is something remain to be accomplished.

The Conversation: What the David Cameron resignation tells us about Theresa May’s plans

Theresa May, the current Prime Minister, accepted Cameron’s resignation. She was on the side of Cameron as a remainer in terms of Brexit vote. But she was opposing him in some aspects such as primary education policy. She excluded George Osborne, a representative ally of Cameron, from her cabinet. How she will administer the government is focused.

David commented not to get back to politicians’ battlefield. But I believe he will make several presentations regarding politics, and he should do. His experience as the leader of the UK for several years is impayable. Young politicians can learn many things from his speech. In Japan, Toru Hashimoto, an ex-Mayor of Osaka resigned after a referendum regarding the reform of Osaka city organization. After resignation, he frequently talks about politics as a commentator on the TV. Not admiring everything of him, I think he is contributing much to the society in a unique way. I hope Cameron will get a better life in the future.

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