Monday, September 5, 2016

Turkey after miscarried coup

An attempted coup occurred in Turkey in July. The military force temporally occupied the TV station. But finally, they were defeated by the official force.

My past entry: Failed coup in Turkey

The government had a strong attitude to the traitors. Thousands of people were arrested. It is reported that the government released approximately 34,000 prisoners for the purpose of making room of detainees relevant to the failed coup. According to the authority, these releases are not an amnesty but should be understood as a parole.

Aljazeera: Turkey frees prisoners to make room for coup detainees

However, it is quite doubtful that the government can continue to track them all after the release. They can never be detained again unless committing crimes again.

Every prison has its capacity. In Japan, a total of 60,486 prisoners were incarcerated in 2014, and the occupation rate was 67.1%. This percentage was decreasing year by year. In 2002, the occupation rate was over 100%. In the 21st century, Japan government made efforts to introduce prison schemes administered by the private sector. It contributed to the enhancement of prisons in the number and quality.

Turkish justice system seems to be paralyzed due to this attempted coup. It is doubtful each trial will be fairly carried out. The confused justice system will inflict public fear. Some people want to resurrect capital punishment scheme. But if Turkey reintroduces capital punishment, the EU will never permit Turkey to join the EU, which is the continuous desire of Turkey.

It is more difficult to take care of the nation after conquering it than winning the battle, as shown in Iraqi War. Even the coup resulted in the failure; it has been successful in terms of bringing chaos to the current monarchy, ironically.

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