Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dying with the lover at the same day

A couple was reported to have died on the same day. They had been married for 63 years, and finally passed away in the same room.

CNN: Couple married 63 years die minutes apart in same room

It looks romantic to be dead with loved one. There are a few reports of a similar case. Also, I know a British lady whose parents died in the same day.

However, the descendants of the couple would be annoyed to deal with the legacy. It frequently occurs that a person had never told other than the partner about his or her estates. It is difficult to clarify the whole money, estates, contract with commodity service providers, and private information such as the account of social network services of a dead person. Some companies reject the request for disclosing the personal information of the customer even it was his or her relative’s. I guess the effort of remaining children.

It would be happy to die with the partner, nevertheless. Indeed, most persons experience the death of the spouse. It has been proven that the death of the spouse is the most stressful life event, according to a famous study.

Interestingly, the reaction to the spouse’s death varies depending on the gender. Men are highly likely to be damaged, resulting in having surprisingly over 60 times of risk for suicide. On the other hand, research suggests that widows can overcome the death of her husband. Some of them will become even happier. I am not sure what brings the difference. But I guess it is not derived from the biological difference but social roles of the both genders. Even recently, wives tend to contribute to husband’s life, and husbands depend on wife’s support in the wide range. This discrepancy may cause the difference of the reaction to the partner’s death. Then, this difference will shrink following the change of social activity of women in the future.

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