Thursday, September 29, 2016

The first debate between Trump and Clinton

The first debate between two candidates for the US President was conducted on Monday.

I did not watch the debate directly. But the media reported that Clinton is predominant to Trump, as far as I read. (Caution: the media I looked through can be biased.)

The Guardian examined some Trump’s comments, to conclude most of them were incorrect or twisted. For example, Trump believes free trade partnership such as NAFTA got rid of jobs of American people. But it is quite doubtful that diminishing manufacturing in the US is attributable to international trading. His past statements which Trump denies in the debate were referred in this article below.

The Guardian: Presidential debate fact-check: Trump and Clinton's claims reviewed

In the beginning, Trump seemed to stay calm and avoid blunt words. But as Clinton countered Trump’s attacks, he began to be agitated. Clinton criticized Trump on his past comments and politically incorrectness.

The Guardian: Trump loses cool while Clinton stays calm during first presidential debate

I guess many neutral audiences thought that Trump lacks patience for the President. This debate is not only a speech contest but also the stress test, evaluating the resistance to provocation. A person who easily loses his temper like Trump is not suitable to an influential position such as the President.

The Atlantic: Hillary did what she needed to do

However, still many people support Trump because they believe he is representing their anger and will make a change of this obstructive situation. The supporter of Trump increased after the debate. It is a fact not to be omitted.

I understand that he attracts a certain group of people. Nonetheless, I never believe Trump deserves to be the President of the US. I am concerned about the next debate.

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