Friday, September 16, 2016

Modern gamebooks circumstance

Previously, I wrote an entry regarding gamebook.

My past entry: Memory of Gamebook

Gamebooks were considered as a legacy of the 20th century, as computer games completely replace them. Recently, I bought some applications of iPad featuring gamebook, but most of them were copies of gamebooks published in the past.
However, the wind is changing. Gamebook seems to become a trend very recently.

In Japan, several new gamebooks were published. Many of them were published via Kindle E-book. E-publishing has a decisive advantage regarding initial cost. It is unlikely that a gamebook will be a million-seller. Therefore, publishers hesitate to allow gamebooks published. In contrast, E-books are easily made at quite a low cost. Experimental works are also allowed. In addition, Kindle Unlimited has benefits to minor e-books, as I wrote. Indeed, I tried some newly published gamebooks via Kindle Unlimited. I think I would not have bought them if they had not subjected to Kindle Unlimited.

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Recent gamebooks are rather short than in the past. Many have only 100 paragraphs, although 400 paragraphs was the standard in the 20th century. A 100 paragraph seems too small for fun, at a glance. But actually, each of them has unique character and taste. I enjoyed some E-books very much.

In English, there are some interesting gamebooks recently published. "Master of the Manor" is surprisingly featuring BDSM! In this provocative E-book, you play a role of a slave girl, to desire to become the mistress through receiving several punishments. Its taste is so adulty that I would not like to let children see it.

And now, I am trying to create a gamebook on my own. If completed, I would like to publish it, and translate into English if possible.

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