Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Great America in presidential campaign

American presidential election campaign has shed the light on several aspects in the modern US, regardless of positive or negative. There are many differences between Trump and Clinton in their ideology as a politician. And it is the same among their supporters.

Here is an interesting result of a national survey conducted by Washington Post recently. Voters were asked to answer the question if the US has been greater than the past. The summary of the result categorized according to the affirmative candidate is presented below.

According to this report, most of Trump supporters believe the US has been weakened in recent years. Meanwhile, the opinion of Clinton supporters is various. It seems there are few people believing that the US is greater than that in the past.

The Washington Post: Is America still great? Clinton and Trump's voters have starkly different views.

"Make the US great again," as Trump's idea is attractive for people who think the US is less great than in the past. They dream the other days when the US was the center of the world and had a decisive power.

However, Trump does not want the US to be the leader of the world again. He hesitates to invest in international security. He is not willing to protect other countries from anti-democratic nations. Instead, he is planning to request Japan and South Korea to pay for the protection cost.

The image of Great America is also varied among people. I am doubtful that Trump and his supporters are sharing the ideology in real.

On the other hand, Clinton is positive to intervene the conflict in the Middle East. Different from Obama, she will not hesitate to send the troop and conduct more deadly bombing. It is unsure Clinton's policy will be accepted by citizens.

So far, it has been rare that the basic diplomatic policy is altered following the change of the President of the US. However, this election will influence seriously on the national principle of the US. We should keep an eye on the situation.

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