Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shinji Ogawa’s art

Yesterday, I visited Chiba City Museum of Art, to see the works by Shinji Ogawa.

Shinji Ogawa is an artist whose specialty is pencil drawing. He was born in 1959 in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Western Japan. He graduated from Mie University and had several works. He seems not so famous, but his drawings were very attractive.

(This image is not by Ogawa.)

Ogawa has some particular way of expression. For example, he makes a picture with eliminating some elements from the original art. He arranged L’Ultima Cena, or The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, to create three copies of it: the painting without Jesus, without his apprentices, and without Judas. They were every quite suggestive. The first one imagined me an argument between two groups of the apprentices: the right side and left side. The second one expressed the solitude of Jesus at the last supper. And the last one looked almost the same as the original work, but decisively peaceful.

Ogawa used to draw buildings. In his some works, the buildings are doubled. Mirror imaged part of the building are added to the real scene. It makes the picture fantastic without damaging the original atmosphere.

He also made some movies. They were interesting, too. In some films, the scene he drew completely changes gradually while focusing a part of it.

In his ideology, the world is a mixture of each element. And the element organizing the world can be copied, added, reversed, or eliminated.

His drawing is so delicate and accurate that I misidentified it as a photo at a glance.

It was by chance for me to meet Shinji Ogawa’s works. It was a splendid experience. I hope the next opportunity to enjoy Ogawa’s world.

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