Sunday, September 4, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 recalled by explosive failure

Galaxy Note 7 is a flagship model of Samsung smartphone, and it is one of the most luxury devices in the world.

But, some bad rumors about it emerged recently. There became several reports regarding battery explosion of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung investigated the reason for this phenomenon, to discover there was an issue around battery cells. Finally, Samsung decided to halt the sales of Galaxy Note 7. It guarantees owners of Galaxy Note 7 to get new one whose battery is replaced in a couple of weeks.

The Wall Street Journal: Samsung to Recall Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Over Reports of Fires

Not to be surprised, this news inflicted damage to Samsung’s value. It lost approximately seven billion USD in this week.

Business Insider: Samsung is halting sales of its Note 7 smartphone after reports of battery explosions

This incident has been one of the biggest recall cases of smartphone although it is not rare for a battery to be ignited. Indeed, a battery is very sensitive to the heat. It is not certain how many cases of Galaxy Note 7 are accountable to the flawed battery cells. There are much treatments for preventing such accidents other than expecting perfect technology developed by the retailers.

BabaMail: How to Prevent a Smartphone Explosion

Nonetheless, I think there are some problems with Samsung regarding this issue. It was good for Samsung to decide the recall quickly. It will do damage in sales temporally, but will avoid further criticism, and fatal troubles should be prioritized.

The smartphone has been much smaller and wiser compared to the past. At the same time, it brings us a dilemma between the stability and function. Similar troubles will occur more or less in iPhone and another type of devices.

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