Saturday, September 3, 2016

Australia bans child sex dolls

Recently, sex dolls mimicking a little girl were focused. In Japan, a few companies are engaged in creating these sex toys for manias. There is a broad discussion about the pros and cons of such items.

My past entry: Sex dolls can save pedophilia?

In Australia, child sex dolls are declined by the custom. Possessing such dolls itself deserves to be punished, according to the Australian authority.

International Business Times: Australian customs cracking down on child sex dolls for paedophiles

Actually, Japan is the most tolerant nation against materials suggesting child sex. There are many comic books in which child sex is focused, although several prefectural governments are willing to regulate such expression. In some of these materials, girls are very strangely described, as a preteen girl with monstrous big breast. I believe that everyone loving such expression are aware that it is not real at all but a fantasy. But some people are warning that these materials will encourage some readers to commit sex crimes.

I do not think Japanese policy will not be accepted in all other countries. Indeed, Japanese cartoon subjecting child sex is banned in the EU. Each nation has a unique culture, and they should be respected. Australia has kept a strict policy of importing things from other continents for protecting its original culture, especially natural plants and animals. It has contributed to maintaining the uniqueness of Australia, which has its own value.

On the other hand, I do not think that banning child sex dolls could help to eliminate pedophilic tendency from citizens’ mind. It can emerge without particular reasons. Too restrictive policy can make them feel isolated, and it would encourage them to an offense. Enhancing treatment strategy for pedophilic persons should be accompanied by the regulation.

It should be mentioned, however, there is no evidence that sex dolls can reduce sex offenses. Dolls companies have to prove its effect on pedophilic patients if they claim dolls are beneficial to them.

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