Saturday, September 17, 2016

Useful foreign delivery service of

I am fond of watching movies at home, as I repeatedly mentioned it in this blog. Recently, I got a television with 3D blue ray disc compatible. After that, I enjoyed some 3D movies as if I was in the cinema.

However, 3D blue ray discs are expensive compared to normal ones. I guess that the reason is not only the productive cost of 3D discs but also for a limited number of products of each title. For example, I purchased a 3D disc of “The Three Musketeers” for very low cost soon after I established the condition to watch 3D movies. I could see this item everywhere in the store in Japan. It seems that the retailer overestimated the sales, resulting in the reduced price. In contrast, some 3D discs are sold for an extremely high price.

Recently, I got the series of Captain America in the 3D version. I saw each movie on cinema, and I loved all of them. So, I was willing to buy the series, but they were a little expensive. Especially, the first film, “Captain America: The First Avenger” cost more than 100 USD, both in Japan. You can get it for about 20 USD from retailers in I examined them. But many of retailers cannot deliver it to Japan, or I have to pay the additional cost for import.

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One day, I found that would begin to sell the three 3D discs set of Captain America series. It cost only 28.33 GBP (including tax and delivery cost). Recently, Pound became weak influenced by Brexit. It was very advantageous for me. I decided to buy it.

And finally, they came to my home. Although it was not sure that this item included the 2D version of each film, I was relieved to find them in each jacket. The only disadvantage of British version is that Japanese subtitles are not contained. Of course, they are not dubbed into Japanese, either. But, to be honest, Japanese dubbed versions are infamous for their low quality because Disney frequently asks for dubbing to popular actors they are not specialized to voice dubbing. Therefore, I am indifferent to this issue.

There is one thing you should be cautious in importing blue ray discs. Each disc has a region code. Japan and the US share the region A, but European countries are categorized to region B. You cannot play a blue ray disc with region B on the player allotted to region A. I confirmed that these discs were all region-free.

In the near future, blue ray discs will be extinct, as the spreading of data streaming service. The Region code will be no more meaningful. But at present, I enjoy using British blue ray discs.

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