Friday, September 23, 2016

Exposure to light make men sexually vigorous, study suggests

Sexual drive in men is said to decline following aging. Reduced libido is considered as a phenomenon of suffering for many men. Therefore, several materials advertising the effect to enhance men’s function are popular, regardless of their actual efficacy.

A recent study suggests a simple solution for reduced libido in men. It is light.

Independent: Sex is improved by shining bright lights at men, new study finds

Researchers at the University of Siena conducted a randomized controlled trial in which a total of 38 men were involved as a participant. Members of the treatment group were exposed to strong light, and the significantly less bright light was offered to the placebo group. The level of interest in sex and testosterone levels were subjected to be evaluated. As a result, participants exposed to bright light had more sexual satisfaction than the control group. Testosterone level was significantly raised in the treatment group.

ScienceDaily: Lack of interest in sex successfully treated by exposure to bright light

The researchers presented the result at an academic conference. This study seems still yet to be published. Therefore, it is difficult to examine the validity of this study properly.

At a glance, however, I wonder people in the depressive state were excluded from the participants. Sexual dysfunction and decrease of the sexual drive are one of the symptoms frequently seen in patients with depression. And middle-aged men are likely to be depressive. It is unsurprising that a man consults a doctor about his impaired sexual desire, without being aware of his depressive mood. On the other hand, exposing strong light at AM can improve the symptoms of depression. There is rich evidence suggesting the effect of light therapy for depression. Thus, depression could work as a mediator between light therapy and sexual drive in this study, if depressive participants had not been excluded in advance.

Also, the usual lifestyle of the participants can be another matter. In general, getting up in the early morning and exposing to the sunshine are good habits. Good habits make you healthy, keep you young and vital. In contrast, disorganized lifestyle does damage on your health. Diabetes Mellitus also causes sexual dysfunction.

As the researcher says, this study is a small pilot study. You should not rely on the result entirely. Nonetheless, the finding deserves to attract attention. I expect the relationship between sexual drive and exposure to light is examined in more detail.

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