Friday, February 12, 2016

The falling of 3D TV

Do you have a TV? Maybe yes. So, does your TV adapt 3D content? If so, you have to keep it for a long time, because 3D TV will be extinct.

Samsung, a world-famous electronics provider, is going to abandon 3D projecting TV, according to the media. LG, another Korean company, is considering reduced production of 3D TVs as well.

International Business Times: 3D television is dead: Samsung and LG cut back on 3D TV production

It is not surprising considering that there are few video products with the 3D feature. We hardly see 3D blue-ray discs in store. Some of them can be ordered only on the internet. And, I have not heard that some TV stations broadcasted 3D contents. Netflix provides a few 3D products, as far as I remember. Hulu does not.

We need to wear glasses to watch 3D movie. It is annoying. In a cinema, we concentrate on seeing the movie. But at home, we often do something other than watching TV, such as reading a book, eating dinner, or bruising the internet. 3D glasses are interrupting our behavior.

Nintendo 3D provides 3D movie without using 3D glasses. Shortly, larger TV may equip the function to supply 3D vision without glasses. If it is realized, will the 3D TV be spread? I am unsure.

The most important reason 3D is not successful is that 3D movie becomes bored soon. In a 2-hour movie, I am unconscious to see the 3D movie in the final 1-hour. Our senses are easy to be accustomed.

For the same reason, virtual reality will not be innovative, if attractive at first, I guess.

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