Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Copy is closing

Shocking news. Copy, an excellent cloud storage service, is going to be terminated.

Copy End-of-Life Copy and CudaDrive Services will be Discontinued

I found Copy two years ago, and have utilized it. It offered minimum 15 GB cloud storage with seamless sync. The transfer speed was not bad. There were few troubles I have met on this service.

My past entry: Cloud storage services (2)

However, recently, I saw some confusing messages. Copy frequently notified me that some files were conflicting. I had no idea of the cause. I guess the quality of maintenance became poor because of the shortcoming of the budget so that Copy occasionally provided erroneous messages.

Now, I have to choose an alternative instead of Copy. Could storage service is essential for me to keep my job. In this industry, the situation is rapidly changing. Thus, the information I gathered in the past may be out of date. I will investigate some similar services.

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