Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is Sex Buyer Law successful in the UK?

The UK is now discussing the implementation of a Sex Buyer Law. If realized, it will change the situation surrounding the sex industry in the UK.

International Business Times: The UK must make it illegal to pay for sex - most women find it traumatising not empowering

The new legislation will target not prostitutes but buyers. In the UK, one in ten British men have paid for sex, and the number of the deal was doubled in these two decades. The supporters expect the bill will protect women from the risk of their human right being violated.

On the other hand, not surprisingly, some are opposing to this bill. There seem three principal reasons. Firstly, since prostitution is an essential act in human society, it is not feasible to regulate paid sex. Secondly, criminalizing paid sex rather get rid of opportunity from some women. And thirdly, an excessive adaptation of the legislation will cause mistaken arrests.

In this article above, the first two opinions were gainsaid. In Sweden and some other countries, similar regulation has been introduced. And they are successful in reducing organized crimes in the sex industry. Also, there are data that most women working in the sex industry are traumatized rather than being proud of their job.

So, how about the third point of debate? For example, most men who want to make an intimate relationship with a woman are willing to give her some valuable presents. In this case, what happen if the lady sues the man after having a sexual relationship? This issue is similar to one in rape crimes.

In Japan, enjo-kosai, or date with compensation has been a big problem, as I wrote. Prostitution is illegal, but this regulation is no more functional. There are many sex facilities, and it is considered that some foreign women are working there with illegally staying. Not a few women cannot survive without income for having sex. Thus, the problem is not limited to the sex industry, but an issue around welfare, at least in Japan.

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In the UK, it seems that social welfare is better than in Japan. The introduction of the Sex Buyer Law will be successful, I guess. On the other hand, wealthy British will perhaps make a trip to another country for enjoying a paid sex, as some Japanese did so. The matter is complicated.

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