Monday, February 1, 2016

Holding his son during bullfight

A Spanish bullfighter attracted attention as bringing his child into the ring.

The Guardian: Spanish matador investigated for bullfighting with baby

Francisco Rivera Ordóñez posted a photo in which he was holding his own boy during the fight with a bull. He tagged the photo as “Carmen’s debut.” As not surprisingly, his act ignited broad criticism.

People concerning child protection accused him of risking his child’s life. It is possible that he will be sued. But it is uncertain he has broken some laws. Some animal right groups also blamed him too, but the reason seems not relevant to this child.

I am not familiar with a bullfight. But, there is a particular risk of fatality in a bullfight, considering that Rivera’s father was killed by a bull in the ring. The matter is how much is the risk. As mentioned in the article, “a fireman wouldn’t dream of taking a child to put out a fire.” In contrast, it is acceptable for a truck driver to keep his baby on his knees during driving.

Anyway, it would be catastrophic if a bull gores Rivera in front of his son. Even if saved before attacked by the bull, the son will suffer from PTSD. I am quite doubtful that he can take the responsibility in such a case.

It is interesting that other bullfighters have similar experiences. Early exposure has the crucial influence on our life in some occupation. Professional sports players are accustomed to the game in their early life stage. I understand Rivera’s desire, a little, to show his work to the son in the close position. But does his son hope to do so with a fatal risk? Even if he nodded, his capability is doubtful.

The bullfight is a traditional culture of Spain. But it is in the way to decline. If a fatal accident occurs, a loud argument toward regulation will be ignited. I hope nobody will be victimized.

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