Monday, February 15, 2016

New Madagascar toads should be exiled

Asian toxic toad species will endanger ecological environment in Madagascar, according to an academic report.

International Business Times: Madagascar told to eradicate invasive toxic toad or face ecological and economic consequences

These toads were introduced to Madagascar less than a decade ago, but number four million now.

Non-native species can interfere original local ecosystem. In Japan, black basses were brought in the 1920s, but quickly predated native fishes to become dominant in some regions. Since the 1970s, the government has restricted releasing basses, but the situation is still problematic.

Once taken root, it is difficult for a species to be eradicated. According to an academic report, no methods have been invented to remove specific toads faster than their reproduction. On the other hand, selective control of some species is also unrealistic regarding cost.


Maintaining current ecological environment is not an easy task, even on an island. Distribution of species is inevitably changing. It seems we have to adapt it rather than fixing it, notwithstanding development of modern technology.

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