Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I visited Ise Jingu last weekend.

Ise Jingu includes over 100 shrines located in Mie prefecture. The name Jingu (shrine) suggests Ise Jingu so that Ise Jingu is representative all Japanese traditional shrines.

Ise Jingu deifies Amaterasu, the prominent Goddess of Japan. Therefore, many Japanese are fond of visiting Ise Jingu for praying. It is called "Ise-mairi."

I took no picture at Ise Jingu because of its solemn atmosphere. Instead, I shot some landscape of Ise. There was fantastic ocean in front of me.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy. Nonetheless, I felt happy to do Ise-mairi.

After visiting shrines, I went to a aquarium. There were several strange fish kept in a tank.

This is a nautilus, so called "living fossil."

Sea horse is one of my favorite fish. Looks pretty.

Ocean sunfish has a strange shape. They look being got rid of their lower half of the body.

I enjoyed a nice weekend. It brought me additional power to struggle.

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