Saturday, February 13, 2016

North Korea's gloom

North Korea does not stop provocative activity against Western countries.

Its spokesman declared a successful launch of a rocket. It was deemed as an experiment of a long-range missile.

NPR: North Korea Launches Rocket Believed To Be Long-Range Missile Test

If combined with the past news that North Korea created a hydrogen bomb, it has now a solution to aim at Washington with a nuclear weapon. It is a terrible threat for not only the US but also all over the world.

My past entry: North Korea declared successful hydrogen bomb experiment

As a response to it, South Korea and the US decided to strengthen the warning level against North Korea. South Korea shut down an inter-Korean factory park which was a symbol of the collaboration of both Korea.

CBS News: U.S., Seoul to take harder line on North Korea

Japan also decided to exert enhanced sanction. Just after it, North Korea responded by halting an investigation of past abductions of Japanese citizens. This issue has been a great challenge for Japanese government and families of missing people. Pyongyang promised to resolve this issue in 2002. After that, however, the tension between two countries became worse. It is guessed that there are 200 thousands of people who were kidnapped to North Korea.

The Guardian: North Korea halts inquiry into abductions of Japanese citizens

Unfortunately, abduction issue is hardly resolved, regardless of Pyongyang’s attitude. Too many months have passed. On the other hand, the situation is quite serious.

It is worrying that Kim Jong-un seems to be stuck to authoritarianism. Recently, North Korea changed its standard time 30 minutes earlier. Additionally, it amended its name “Korea” to “Corea.” Both decisions are made to eliminate the past strong influence of Japan, according to Pyongyang. I am indifferent to these decisions itself. Rather, the fact Kim is particular about these ridiculous performances is interesting. He may be worrying about keeping his status.

North Korea is a huge threat to the world, as well as Korea itself.

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