Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fear of Zika spreading

Zika virus infection is infiltrating several countries located in Asia, Africa, and South America.

This virus causes some symptoms like a cold. Slight fever, joint pain, headache, and erythema are commonly seen. It is quite unlike that the infection leads to a fatality.

However, Zika inflicts terrible damage to your fetus. It was recent that Zika virus was proven to be a cause of microcephaly of the baby when pregnant women get infected. Reported cases were rocketed in this year in the regions the outbreak occurred. Brazilian government warned citizens not to be pregnant until the outbreak is terminated.

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Mosquito transports Zika virus. Thus, you should be cautious not to be attacked by a mosquito. And it is tough to protect yourself perfectly.

Zika virus was reported firstly in Uganda in 1947. And it was spread through South-East Asian countries to South America. A few patients were also reported in Japan.

Recently, the WHO declared the emergency of Zika outbreak, following Ebola fever in 2014. It has been potentially spread to Europe, because four-fifth of patients remain asymptomatic, and there are many people travelling to Brazil and Rio.

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Attempt to develop a vaccination against Zika virus is ongoing. Some researchers expect its utilization within the end of this year. If it is realized, young women should be firstly adapted to be vaccinated. Mass production and quick delivery are challenging considering most of the affected regions are developing countries.

Reuters: Zika vaccine may be ready for emergency use this year: developer

Human history is accompanied by the battle with the infectious disease. Some bacteria have perished thanks to modern medical science. But astronomical numbers of pathogenic bacteria are still alive, perhaps forever.


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