Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Memory of Hyper Japan event

In London, I sometimes missed Japan. Though London was a beautiful city, it was far different from Japan. However, there were many guys respecting Japan. I attended some events there featuring Japan.

Hyper Japan Christmas Market was an event held in a building. It included some demonstration of games, goods, and cosplay.

Many people were in the building. There were several booths showing some Japanese products.

A big Christmas tree was displayed. But it was a little odd several wood plates were attached to the tree. These pentagon plate is usually used in Japanese shrine.

There were lots of Londoners. I saw few Japanese.

At the stage, Miyu Koike, a Japanese idol conducted a performance. I did not know her at the time, but she became a little famous later. I saw her on TV some times.

A cosplay event was held subsequently. Many Londoners and foreigners wore particular clothes resembling a character of certain anime and manga. They did know well about such comics than I.

Some cosplayers were charming. They looked proud of playing a role in fantasy.

I was glad to know that Japanese subculture was loved in other countries.

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