Friday, February 26, 2016

Snow, influenza, and fiscal year

Yesterday night, it a little snowed. Some trees were covered with snow, but the ground was not.

Most national universities conducted an entrance examination on 25th and 26th Feb. So, students seemed to have worried about the weather. I guess their anxiety.

In Japan, the fiscal year, as well as the school term, begins in April. Thus, many people take some roles to prepare for the next year in winter. Many conferences are held in February.

However, it causes a serious problem: influenza outbreak.

Influenza virus is activated in winter. Its infectious power is awful. Several school classes are forced to be closed because a considerable amount of students are infected. Medical practitioners are seriously concerned about the prevention of spreading the virus at the hospital. Some of my colleagues have children who are suffering from high fever and joint pain.

I think it is risky to hold big conferences in the mid winter. For example, the division I belong to is to perform an annual conference in January. But, some years ago, it was postponed because some core participants, including myself, were broken down.

Many countries set September as the beginning of the fiscal year. I do not like this custom because it is still hot in September in Japan. On the other hand, it should be reconsidered whether April is optimal for the beginning.

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