Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I want a wireless hair dryer

Nowadays, several gadgets are free from wired energy translation.

We are surrounded by plugs and codes which are connected to electric devices. Energy supply is indispensable for our daily life. However, we often feel annoyed to handle these codes. Sometimes you are stuck in the code on the floor. Or you may experience to misidentify the lightning cable as micro USB.

To satisfy our desire, there are several gadgets available without codes. Mobile PCs are portable for hours without AC adapter. Newly smartphones equip contactless power transmission. Roomba is can be an automated cleaner because it has a large voltage battery.

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I dislike cables because they frequently get entangled with each other. It is interesting that my favorite gadgets are all free from cables. Apple’s Mac Book Air series are struggling for exiling cables.

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And now, what I wish to be free from cables is a hair dryer.

Hair dryers need a high voltage of energy. Therefore, at present, almost all hair dryers require being connected to the energy supplier. A few products work with a battery, but their power is too weak to dry my hair quickly.

But the cable of a hair dryer is troublesome. If there were no cables, I would feel comfortable to use it. Furthermore, connecting with power supplier continuously is still risky. I heard a case of fire ignited from the cable of a hair dryer.

Someday, I hope to use a wireless hairdryer.

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