Monday, February 22, 2016

Donald and Clinton won South Carolina's vote in Presidential race

The presidential campaign is approaching a decisive point. The vote for the nomination of each party in South Carolina resulted in the triumph of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as expected.

South Carolina is deemed to be critical especially in Republican as most of the winners in this state won the nomination so far. It seems valuable more than one victory for Trump.

In contrast, Jeb Bush, who was former governor of Florida and had been supposed to be the most promised candidate previously, drop out from the campaign, admitting the defeat. He was a successful governor but looked not so powerful as the boss of the US.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz is following Trump, closely competing, but the distance between them and Trump is not easy to overcome.

In spite of the previous estimation of many analysts, Trump's trampling power is not likely to decline. It is true that his honest and unfaltering speech style attracts many voters. Some Americans, especially middle-class whites, are distrustful of former politicians. Trump is still an agitator but no more a joker. It is now not a dream for him at all to get the nomination.

However, what will happen after that? I think Clinton will be still advantageous. In the last Presidential vote, Mitt Romney lost the final race, partially because of his extreme ideology. Trump will make many oppositions as well as allies. It will not result in his pleasure. On the contrary, if Clinton makes some mistakes, the conclusion will be in chaos.

I do not like Trump because his looks like a populist without any pure ideology. He lacks long-term perspective. But, he has a talent for business. I hope him to be wise and patient for stronger America in real, instead of leaping superficial fame, in the case he wins the President.


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